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October 1, 2023

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Angel Constance looks like she was sent from heaven

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Model Name: Angel Constance
Date Added: Jun 03, 2020

A nice, afternoon nap was exactly what Playboy Playmate Angel Constance needed. When she woke, her head was swimming the images, sights, and sounds of the very intense sex dream she had been having still swimming in her thoughts. She was so caught up in how turned on she was, the first thing she did when she woke was take her top off. As she got out of bed and stretched, fully waking up, she slid the panties off then walked over to the door and looked out, enjoying the afternoon sun. She loved the idea of a total stranger glancing at her house and seeing her naked. Heading back to her bedroom, she sat on the bed then laid back and slid a hand between her legs, pressing her fingers against her smooth, shaved pussy. After a dream like that, she needed to cum!