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February 5, 2023

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Shasta Wonder is an ebony goddess naked in nature

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Model Name: Shasta Wonder
Date Added: Dec 26, 2019

Shasta Wonder is an ebony goddess who heads out to the woods near her place for a walk to commune with nature and relax. She wasn’t wearing much, just a cover up and a lacy, sexy bodysuit. She found a good place to sit and relax, took the coverup off, and sat down on a rock. Her long, braided hair fell over her shoulders and down her back as she started slowly easing her way out of the outfit. Her amazing tits with dark, Hershey Kiss nipples looked amazing as she stood up, wiggled her hips, and stepped out of the lingerie. Now naked, the landing strip on her tight pussy in full effect, she spread the coverup out on the ground and laid down, arching her back while she stuck her fit body and perky tits into the air. Being in nature always makes Shasta horny!