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June 2, 2023

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Natalie Costello plays naked in a field of flowers

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Model Name: Natalie Costello
Date Added: Jun 17, 2020

Sometimes it is those simple, unexpected moments that produce that best results. This afternoon Natalie Costello was with a photographer from Playboy on their way to a shoot when they drove past a field filled with gorgeous flowers. Natalie wanted to walk in them so he pulled over and let the exotic hottie out. As she waded into the field, she pulled her dress up so she could feel the flowers brush against her sexy legs. As the photographer started shooting pictures, she started laughing and having a blast, dancing around, taking the dress off. With a smile on her pretty face, she took her bra off then slipped out of her panties. The feel of the flowers brushing against her smooth, shaved pussy, great ass, and naked body turned her on. She got a blanket from the car, laid it down in the field and rolled around, a gorgeous creature at play in a blossoming field.