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Toni Maria frolics in the woods completely naked

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Model Name: Toni Maria
Date Added: Jul 23, 2019

Nothing helps sexy Playboy Playmate Toni Maria relax more than a stroll through nature. After a long, stressful week, the hottie slipped into some shorts and a tank top then headed out for a walk. As she made her way through a meadow, she came across a large fallen tree and started crawling on it. Standing on it, she took her shorts off and shook her nice, round ass in her thong before then taking off her shirt and shedding her panties. Fully nude, she jumped around, climbing on the log and having a blast. Her nipples were hard from the cold breeze and her shaved pussy was even a little wet as she thought about how much it turned her on to think about a total stranger happening across her and seeing her running around in the forest completely naked.