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February 5, 2023

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Two hot Playboy Bunnies take a naked vacation

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Date Added: Feb 05, 2020

Roxanna June and Jess Clarke had some time off from their busy schedule as Playboy Playmates to take a little vacation. The hotties are so into each other they decided to share a room and a bed. The first morning in Italy, the girls had some coffee in bed, got up and took their panties off. The two danced around their room naked, their tight asses and perky tits looking fantastic as they snapped pics of each other and laughed. Stepping out onto the balcony the naked hotties waved at the people below and enjoyed the scene. If they had it their way, these two would stay naked for the entire vacation, but since they can’t, they both put on some very sexy dresses that are easy to flash your ass and tits in, got on a moped, and headed out for some nude fun in the city.