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June 7, 2023

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Three blondes wearing nothing but jeans and smiles

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Date Added: Apr 21, 2020

Someone once said two is company, three’s a crowd. Well, that person clearly never met smoking hot Playboy Bunnies Gia Marie, Kirsty Garett, and Tiffany Toth because if these three showed up at your place wearing just tight, cleavage baring tops and jeans that hugged their hips and asses, you would realize three is just when the party is getting started! All three look you right in the eye with smiles on their pretty faces and take their tops off. These babes don’t need shirts or bras because their tits are perfect. Sitting on the floor in a line, the girls press their tits to each other’s backs. The feel of skin and nipples on each other turns them on so much they can’t keep their hands off each other and the posing takes on a very erotic feel. This threesome was just getting warmed up. Now it is time to take off those jeans!