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Dakota Burd likes to get naked when she gets in shape

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Model Name: Dakota Burd
Date Added: Jan 28, 2020

Playboy Playmate and all-around smoldering hot blonde Dakota Burd came home from her Pilates class and wanted to do a little yoga before she hit the showers. She was in a leotard and some leg warmers but she didn’t want to wear any of that. She didn’t even bother to go up to her bedroom, she just slithered out of the leotard and did some light stretching. Once she was good and limbered up, she did a scorpion yoga move where she balanced on her arms while doing a handstand and kicking her feet over her body. Her naked body looked like a perfect piece of erotic art as she bent and stretched, following that pose with the splits and some hip thrusts. Rolling around on the floor naked and working out started turning her on so much she decided to head upstairs after all for a little naughty fun.

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